New Bedford

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Personals - Rants and Raves

Good Love Is Hard To Find (New Bedford)

Good Love Is Hard To Find Good Love Is Hard To Find Good Love Is Hard To Find Good Love Is Hard To Find Good Love Is Hard To Find Good Love Is Hard To Find Good Love Is Hard To Find Good Love Is Hard To Find Good Love Is Hard To Find Good Love Is Har [...]

NBHS Special Olympics day was great but...

The New Bedford Superintendent of Schools, Pia Durkin, wouldn't know because she never made an appearance. Nor would the New Bedford HS Headmaster, Bernadette Coelho, know because she too was a no show. That is very telling. No wonder the high school [...]

Researching for good honest auto mechanics (New Bedford)

just wanted to thank everyone who responded to me so fast when i am trying to locate a good, honest and reasonable (cost) mechanic. with all the deep pot holes my car dipped into---i am surprised my front end axle didn't snap! there's not much about [...]

TRUST (New Bedford)

PROVERBS 3:5-6 Be forever blessed and always look up to the light; you will come out of the pit of darkness if you can just have faith; even if it is the size of a tiny mustard seed. Look at huge oak trees---they first began out of being a tiny aco [...]

For Rent (New Bedford)

You will have to earn around $3,000 dollars; show your earnings and give evidence that you have good credit, don't smoke at all; have no pets and be very clean and quiet; And, you better not have any criminal background or else! Most of the landlord [...]

Where Are All The Jobs Here? (New Bedford)

If the city wants to grow and recover from alledged bad management and personal interests; or the tearing down of many beautiful victorian buildings of the past, so be it! But, can you tell us where are all the good professional jobs for new graduate [...]

Apartment Rentals (New Bedford)

It would be swell if most of the apartment rentals throughout the city would be cleaned before posting photos of very outdated places with dirty carpeting. Would you expect your child to live there? No thank you.

Is It Alway Just OK? (New Bedford)

The rentals everywhere are higher than a home mortgage, plus you have to pay a higher electric monthly bill with Eversource who bought out NStar. In some places and cases, people are really struggling just to make it and they also have children to pr [...]

don't got a cow man (new Bedford)

So the future elite will all have blue eyes and blonde hair through genetic manipulation the rest of us po folk will all be whatever race we are

I smell u from here (new Bedford)

Go take a shower phew while ur at it cut it toe nails n brush it teeth oh yeah it belly button smells badddd

Your Eyes Can't Lie (New Bedford)

If you are wondering who has "privilege" let your eyes be your truth in this issue. Who do you see all the time on every weather and news channel? Who do you see as managers just about everywhere you go when you are seeking a job? Who runs the city a [...]