New Bedford

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Rasputians Cougar - m4w (New Bedford)

Looking for my cougar from months ago you've never left my mind I need you now more than ever will do anything I can I hope you see this you came to my work and not my cock I need to rock your world you've felt my dick and know what stuff I'm into we [...]

"SuperDad" - w4m (New Bedford)

Your blue eyes and smile are my kryptonite. They render me powerless. You were with someone today, holding hands. Just know that I think you are something special. If you know who you are, and want to talk more reply with your initials.

Cork - m4m (New Bedford)

Was driving by on RT 18 at the red light in front of Cork. Couple of good looking guys standing outside in the doorway I assume work there because you were both dressed in black. One of you looked like you had a nice body - yum!

wow new bedford - m4m (new bedford)

Two of you work out together one has a a pony tail. I worked out near y'all today. your both hot. the one without the pony tail is drop dead hot!. Do you know which one I am? Are you guys a couple? anyways. ya slim chance. let me know if you know som [...]

Brick Oven Union St - w4m (New Bedford)

Saw u today sitting with your friend. I wanted to say hi, but I didn't know if I should :) you smiled at me as I was carrying stuff in. You have a beautiful smile. Today is Thurs, June 2. It was around 3pm

near boat dock - m4m (new bedford)

hello we drove buy each other at the boat dock area turned around to talk let me know if your interested

New England Demolition & Salvage Window shopping - m4m (New Bedford)

You were going through the Windows today 6/1 and I find you very attractive! I did spark up a conversation and informed you of the other windows on the other side. I followed you over their and hung around for a minute. I could tell you were also int [...]

Always at your house - m4w (new bedford)

I see you once a week at your house. Your gorgeous I never want to leave and want to stay longer. Always a smile when I arrive and even a I walk out the door. Your long hair and soft hands always have me coming back. But you have a boyfriend and I ha [...]

Raven from New Bedford - m4w (New Bedford)

Sorry we haven't been able to meet up. But one of these days we will. Skype me bunny ...

cottage st motors - w4m (New bedford)

I was looking for a new car, and waiting and you complimented my eyes and somthing else... let me know? You where cute ☺

Stop & Shop dart st worker...r u gay? - m4m (new bedford)

you are working at Stop and Shop on dartmouth street...we exchanged looks near the cashier check wasnt in my original lane, when it happened.. i think you are a cute guy, and i dont look gay, and i am not sure you are gay, but i should h [...]

Belleville Avenue , lunchtime friday - m4w (new bedford)

I was driving by and waved to you as you were walking to your car. It's been a long time since I've seen you and wanted to say hi. What kind of car was I driving ?

long shot - m4w (nb)

Hi, I'm searching for an old friend. You answered my ad back in August 2014, we first met at freestones in downtown New Bedford. You came to my place from then on and we had lots of fun. I would massage your feet ;) It seemed like we had a good thing [...]

You were shopping at Wal-Mart Dartmouth in freezer aisle - m4w (New Bedford)

It's probably a long shot but we were in frozen food aisle and we kept looking at me you had glasses I hope u see this wanted to know if you wanted to get a bite to eat or something and let me know what brand of pie u bought